Visualise your garden office interior

Computer-generated images have become a key way of designers showing you what your garden room will look like. These images are predominantly used to show what the building will look like, how the layout of windows and doors will work and illustrate your choice of materials. INSITU Garden Offices take these renderings a step further and will work closely with you to visualise what the interior of your room or office will look like too.

INSITU Garden Offices are one of a handful of garden room firms that will design and fit out the interior of a building for you, particularly garden offices. They are specialists in designing ergonomic workspaces that incorporate lots of storage, making full use of every inch of space available.

Visualise your garden office interior

As well as spending time with you working on the design for the actual building, the design team will also work with you on identifying what you want from the interior space. They will then take this information back to their studio and create some renderings of what the interior of you room will look like, identifying the furniture that best fits the room and meets all your requirements.

We recently wrote about how INSITU Garden Offices designed a garden office for a fashion designer. This office building was going to be used as a design studio, so the interior of the room was just as important as the exterior. The INSITU team worked with their client to create the ideal layout for the office space, producing this visualisation of the interior.

Visualise your garden office interior

The client was so pleased with how INSITU had laid out the room, that they asked them to fit it out for them. This complete service, that INSITU Garden Office offers means that once your building is completed it is ready to use straight away, and you are dealing with one supplier from initial concept right through to completion of the project = less hassle.

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If you are looking to work with a designer who will give equal thought to the design of the interior as well as the exterior of your building, talk to the INSITU Garden Offices team on 0845 473 3 494 or visit their website.


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