Visualise a garden room in YOUR garden

Today we are pleased to launch a new tool that we have been working on with the team at Insitu App for the last few months. We call it Your Garden, Your Garden Room.

The app lets you position a garden room in your garden to get an instant idea of what it might look like. All you need to do is take a photo of your garden and choose a garden room design from our section of popular designs (more garden room designs will be added soon).



This is a beta version

The app has been months in development and we’d really appreciate your feedback on how you found using it – both good and bad. This feedback will help us all develop the app further.

Edward the creator developer explains his vision:

INsitu, is our attempt, to give you a realistic impression of your dream garden room, in your garden – before it is built. Whether you thinking of buying one or building your own, its a significant investment that you’ll likely spend a little time planning before hand. Visualisation, can really help give you an idea of how it’ll compliment its environment and surroundings: Context is just as important as the architecture its self. How will your garden room look at the bottom of your garden? How will it look throughout the seasons – from dawn to dusk?
Months of hard work have gone into building INsitu, and your feedback would be greatly appreciated for continued development. Any problems? What would you like to see included/improved?


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