Upgrading to a larger garden office

Twenty years ago Timeless Garden Rooms designed and built a garden office for a journalist; he was so pleased with the building that a few years later he ordered a second larger building for use as a home gym and entertainment space. Last year he contacted Timeless Garden Rooms again enquiring about the options for replacing the original garden office with a larger version that would incorporate a kitchenette and toilet.

The new larger garden office

The new larger garden office

There was nothing wrong with the original building that Timeless Garden Rooms built, the decision was based on the need for more space and the option to factor in the kitchenette and cloakroom. Timeless’s customer had found a buyer for the original office building. This buyer requested that the building be craned into their garden rather than dismantled and then reassembled. If the construction of the garden room allows for it, this is by far the best way to relocate a garden room as you minimise the risk of damage. The way that Timeless Garden Rooms design and construct their buildings meant that they were confident that the building would withstand the stresses involved in the lifting, transporting and repositioning without affecting the structural integrity of the office.

The original office being lifted from the site

The original office being lifted from the site

The original office being lifted by crane

The original office on the lorry

Garden room being moved

On the way to its new home…

Before the building was moved to its new home, it was thoroughly inspected for any wear or damage, after all, its 20 years old! Both the original owner and the new buyer were expecting there to be some wear to the flooring structure but were pleasantly surprised to see as the building was lifted that the timbers were as good as new and perfectly dry, which is testament to the design and construction of a Timeless Garden Room.

The new garden office

The new office is a substantial 7.9m x 3.7m; this footprint incorporates a cloakroom extension. The cloakroom extension was chosen so as not to steal space from the main office. Timeless Garden Rooms were asked to design a building that maximises natural light and allows views across the garden. To achieve this, a number of large, double glazed casement windows have been incorporated into the design as well as Velux windows in the roof. The addition of high-level windows is a good option when you want to maximise light in a garden room. The windows and doors that Timeless Garden Rooms use feature ‘Secure by Design’ locking systems as recommended by the police.

Pitched roof garden office

Cloakroom pod

The cloakroom sits discreetly at the back of the building

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To create room for the larger office a couple of trees needed to be felled. The original foundation was reused and extended to allow for the additional footprint size. The preparations also included the laying of a new power cable and bringing water and sewerage connections to the site.

The light and airy interior of the office

The light and airy interior

Kitchenette area in the garden office

The kitchenette area, just right for making a coffee

The new office features all the traditional design elements and charm of the customer’s original office, but with the added benefits of the cloakroom facilities and the kitchenette.

The exterior of the building has been finished in Farrow & Ball Hardwick White while the interior has been finished in Pointing.

The office is fully wired electrically with ample double power sockets, lighting and internet connection.

This project is testament to Timeless Garden Rooms work, not only does the customer ordering a third garden room say a lot. The fact that when inspected at such close quarters a 20-year-old building did not need any significant repair is impressive and a mark of the original quality.

To learn more about Timeless Garden Rooms work, visit their website or give the team a call on 01843 821 851 to discuss your options.

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