Unique Tips To Provide a New Look To Your Garden

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It is relatively easy to plant individual plants and flowers to beautify your home. But the task becomes difficult if you decide to design a garden to make your home look absolutely stunning. Homes with gardens need to consider criteria such as shades, light, seasons and types of garden that matches the ambience of the home. To guide you according to your preferences, read through some of the tips that will help you design your garden and charm your senses.

First, the best way to a perfect garden design is to understand your home’s exterior and choose a garden type that compliments style of your house; after all it is a reflection of your taste too! There are many ways to design a garden. Read on to learn how to give a new look to your garden:

  • Patio Garden
  • Outdoor landscape
  • Backyard Garden

Since a patio garden lacks in availability of natural soil, your garden would be in pots, hanging baskets, flower boxes or other containers. Don’t be disheartened, you have a choice of rearrangement for different occasions if you are a patio garden owner. Here are some tips for you:

  • Measure your patio and the yard area surrounding it and decide which part gets permanent plants such as trellis plants or tall plants and create a living privacy screen.
  • You can rearrange or buy new furniture for your patio according to season or occasion. But make sure you have enough walking space.
  • You can plant herbs in your patio garden for a fragrant look. You can also choose plants or flowers according to your mood.
  • Adding wind chimes, bird feeders, bubbling water fountain will add splash to your patio.

Since the idea behind garden landscaping is to add a pleasing look to your home, it could also be associated with your indoor designing style. Try these tips for that “wow” from your family and friends.

  • You need to note or sketch your existing permanent features in your landscape and choose the exact spot where your garden would become alive and look vibrant.
  • Determine the sun availability to your garden since there should be proper exposure for all plants
  • Enhance the look of your front porch, walkway and you can also create a privacy hedge. Balance between foliage and blooming plants.
  • If your plants or flowers look weak, try sending a sample for soil analysis.

Decorating your backyard garden with a few plants, sectional garage doors and other hardscape that might have sufficed in the past but once you have improved its look, your neighbours will become green with envy! Here is an overview of how you can make your backyard more beautiful

  • The functionality of your garden is important and hence you must know which place has the most and least sunlight to help you design accordingly.
  • Layout the perimeter and use a garden hose to adjust the size and shape so that you can choose the number of plants, gravel, mulch and so on.
  • Choose native plants since they tolerate local climate perfectly and you can add accessories that will please your family

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