Under floor heating for garden offices & studios

Underfloor heating prevents cold feet!

Under floor heating is becoming a popular feature in garden office and studio specifications, and it offers many benefits over traditional types of garden office heating such as convector heaters or oil filled radiators.

While convector heaters and oil filled radiators heat a garden office well and quickly, as the heat rises you can end up with cold feet! Under floor heating means the whole room is evenly heated and walls are clear from radiators.

The under floor heating used in garden offices is a mat system as opposed to the hot water piping found in ‘proper’ houses. For garden offices with laminate or wooden floors, a foil under floor heating mat is used, this mat contains heating wires which when used in conjunction with floor insulation heat up quickly and efficiently.

Under floor heating systems come with programmable timers which means that you can specify the time the heating comes on and goes off, you can also specify the temperature setting.

Economical to run an average sized garden office with under floor heating costs around 50 pence per day in the winter.

Under floor heating is a standard feature on garden offices by Garden Haze and Vivid Green .

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