Turning your garden room into a home gym

Green Studios offer advice on creating a home gym

At Green Studios, we have seen garden rooms be used for a huge range of purposes, from the popular home-office, to art studios, pool houses, and even indoor classrooms. One of our favourite purposes has to be a home gym.


Home gyms are popular with people who need flexibility in their exercise regime, and want to spend more time working out and less time travelling. A home gym can be tailored to your own needs and wishes. You’re not paying for the privilege of access to equipment that you’ll never use, and you never ever have to wait for your turn on your favourite bit of kit.

If you want to create the perfect home gym in your own garden, here are some things to think about.

Unlike a home office where you will spend most of your time sitting, if you’re using a garden studio for a gym, you will be standing, jogging, jumping, lifting, and more. A standard height garden studio may be inadequate, particularly if you are tall. Check the recommended capacity for each piece of equipment, not only to make sure your equipment will fit into the floor space, but also for ceiling height. In many cases, we have excavated downwards to be able to install a higher-than-standard garden studio without breaching local planning regulations or upsetting the neighbours.

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Do you want to use your gym all year round? If you do, then look at installing climate control equipment, which will give extra heat to your garden studio in the colder winter months, and keep the studio cool in the summer. Modern garden studios are already pretty well insulated, and physical activity will add to the internal heat of the studio. Extra ventilation is recommended to keep the studio a healthy and comfortable space to use.

Natural light is a must for minimising the need for internal lighting. Large folding doors will provide lots of natural light, and also give you the option of creating a more outdoorsy feel while you’re working out.

You may want to install an en-suite shower room. This is easily done and is a popular option for those who want to keep the more anti-social results of their workout away from their house, and other family members. In any case, you will need somewhere to store towels and to hang up clothing and accessories, so remember to allow room for a small storage area.

You will need an electricity supply for your lighting, climate control, and gym equipment, but you may also want a sound system for workout tunes, maybe a TV, and also a fridge for drinks. Good planning will ensure you have the right amount of electric sockets for you, so think about what you will need and get it right from the beginning.


Last but not least – think about where your garden studio will be situated. Take account of your neighbours, and what local planning regulations will allow. Importantly, make sure you have a nice outlook from your gym. One of the benefits of having a home gym is so that you can choose what to look at while you’re working out. Would you rather have a view of brick walls and someone else’s posterior, or some lawn, flowers, and maybe open fields?

Whatever you choose to do, seek advice from a garden studio expert who can take you through all the options, and help you create your perfect exercise space.

Green Studios are experienced in creating garden gym buildings, visit their website for information on their work or give the team a call on 01923 205090


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