Traditional Garden Room

What style of garden room would you expect one of the UK’s leading contemporary garden room designers to build for his wife? A traditional one of course!


Paul Barton of Roomworks was tasked to design a writing retreat for his author wife Angela, but because they live in a conservation area a softer more traditional design was called for, rather than the contemporary design Roomworks are known for. We think the result is very successful and a garden room design that will appeal to many buyers.

Paul says:

As you can see it has a more traditional summerhouse feel except under the bonnet is the usual Roomwork’s high performance spec


As you can see from these images the garden room was craned into the garden, this has many benefits as the whole building can be built in factory conditions, which ensures a high quality build, avoiding any inclement weather, and the garden room is ready to use in just a few hours – Roomworks produced a video of one of their contemporary rooms being craned into position last year, its worth a watch.


We’re sure Angela is having many creative thoughts in her new writing room, we hope to write about her best seller soon!

For more information about Roomworks visit their website, also take a look at Angela’s blog.

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