Tor Garden Buildings

Tor Garden Office

Tor Garden Office

Tor Garden Buildings produce a range of stylish garden buildings with unique curved roof. Buildings are available in three categories – offices, studios and guest rooms, there are then various size and layout options to create the perfect garden room.

The studio range has floor to ceiling bifold doors, whilst the office range has a combination of windows and doors. The guest room range comes with shower room facilities.

Tor Garden Buildings are built like timber frame houses, the studwork frames are constructed from treated softwood which is 140mm thick, and between the studs insulation batts are fitted. Externally an OSB seathing is fitted over the studs to stop the frame from twisting; on top of this the building is wrapped in a breather membrane which stops the inward movement of moisture. Treated batterns are fixed vertically to take the horizontal cladding which as standard is feather edge larch but there are options for cedar, oak or chestnut.

The unique curved roof has a sedum roof covering which is not only attractive but adds extra thermal and accoustic insulation to the building, as well as creating a natural biosphere which absorbs CO2. The sedum roof used is low maintenance, Tor Garden Buildings recommend 15 minutes weeding a year!

The doors and windows are made from wood and come with a 10 year garuntee, Tor have choosen wooden doors and windows because they use less energy in their manufacture than UPVC or aluminum options, they are also easily recyclable at the end of their life.  All doors and windows have insurance approved locks.

Tor garden room used as a treatment room

Tor garden room used as a treatment room

Internally Tor garden rooms are finished like a room in the house with plastered walls and ceiling, they have a well specified electrical system and the fittings used in the shower rooms are those you would find in any well secified bathroom in a house.

Tor Garden Buildings have a user freindly website which allows you to choose differeent options for your garden building and the price updates on screen so you know just where you are.

Prices start at £12,449.35 including VAT for a 3 x 2.4m (10ft x 8ft) office; this includes a site survey and delivery in the south west, but does not include the foundation or connection of electricity supply.

For more information visit the Tor Garden Buildings website.

For more photos visit our Flickr site.

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