Top 5 security measures to protect your garden rooms from intruders

Top tips for securing your garden room from Minerva Security:

At the end of the day, when someone is investing in a huge chunk of money to build an insanely magnificent and aesthetically pleasing garden room where they store a home office or even a gym, then they might be wishing to keep a constant eye on it just like it is their home.

Your garden room is much like a house extension rather than being a simple ‘add-on’ structure, both in terms of use and appearance. The instances of garden theft have significantly increased over the past couple of years. Hence, it’s the ideal time to focus on improving your garden security. With the advancements of latest technology, it has been pretty easier to secure and protect their beautiful garden rooms using various security systems & meaningful security measures so that any intruders can’t invade into your garden rooms. Here’s a list of the “Top 5 Security Measures To Protect Your Garden Rooms” efficiently and effectively.

Top 5 Security Measures To Protect Your Garden Rooms : There can be a wide array of checklist which you can incorporate in order to ensure the proper security of your garden rooms. But the easiest, simplest, and most convenient techniques are listed below.

Tips for securing your garden room building

1.Use Advanced Intruder Alarm Systems

The easiest way to ensure an optimum security of your garden rooms can be installing an intruder alarm system. This security system comprises of some integrated electronic devices and accurate sensors which can efficiently detect intruders. More precisely, an intruder alarm system contains a motion detector, which identifies the changes in position within any specific area. So, once you install this alarm system into your garden rooms, it will notify you on each and every time whenever someone tries to enter your premises without your permission. Plus, the most advanced intruder alarm systems contain panic detectors that easily detect movement changes within a particular area. Thus, this kind of security system creates a central control panel which protects your valuable garden rooms against potential burglars & other unscrupulous home intruders.

2. Install A CCTV System

Do you regularly feel a slight pang of anxiety while leaving your precious garden rooms? Whether you are an anxious homeowner or you’re among those who’re worried about security, then installing a CCTV system can be apt for you. CCTV systems have witnessed an immense popularity over the past few decades as its built-in technology has improved a lot, while making it more affordable to common users. Closed Circuit TV or CCTV uses some video cameras which capture and transmit video & audio images to a connected monitor. If you install a CCTV around your expensive garden studio, it will be much useful for surveillance and security monitoring for the garden rooms. By this way, you’ll be able to record any particular activity around your studio and take your action adequately to prevent burglar.

3. Consider Buying Fire Alarm Systems

Fire is considered as one of the most destructive & dangerous events possible. Hence, installing a fire alarm system into your garden studio can be another meaningful yet effective security measure. An automatic fire alarm system comprises a group of interconnected electronic devices which work together in order to detect and warn you through a visual and audio appliance whenever smoke, carbon monoxide, fire or other emergencies are present around your garden studio. These life-safety security alarms get automatically activated from the integrated heat detecting and smoke detecting systems & alert or notify you to take immediate actions at the earliest just in case of a fire.

4. Build Multi-layer Walls

Apart from securing your beautiful garden rooms with the use of latest security systems, you can also take some other preventative security measures at the time of its construction too. Most of the garden rooms are having a timber construction. It’s recommended that while constructing your garden office, you should ask your supplier to build walls with a series of layers. A multi-layer wall creates a thick structure which is quite difficult to penetrate by a burglar. Even, an intruder would need to be equipped with multiple types of tool in order to break through the multi-layer walls of any garden studio. Hence, this idea will add an extra level of security into your valuable garden studio.

5. Other Security Measures

It’s always recommended to build your garden rooms in such a way that must have an ample amount of outside lighting. Also, you can install PIR movement activated light which automatically lights up the surrounding area of your garden studio whenever it senses any movement. Apart from that, don’t forget to securely lock the garden room doors and windows. Some advanced garden studios come with door & windows sensors that inform you through an SMS when someone tries to enter your garden rooms.

Hence, the above-mentioned measures are quite helpful to potentially increase garden office security.

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