Things to consider when choosing the location of your garden room

There are many things to consider when choosing the location of your garden room.

Firstly you have to be mindful of the legal requirements relating to garden buildings, see our planning permission guide for detailed information but you should also consider:-

  • Do you want your garden room attached to your house like a traditional extension or situated away from the house in the garden?
  • Do you have a particular view you want to frame with the windows.
  • What direction will your garden room face and which elevations will the windows be on – it makes sense to have any windows on the south and west elevations to capture natural heat and light from the sun rather than on the north and east elevations which will be colder.
  • If you are locating your garden building at the bottom of your garden do you have a suitable footpath to it – you don’t want to trail mud into your smart garden room.
  • Will the windows overlook your neighbours – will this invade your privacy or theirs?
  • Are there any trees adjacent to the proposed location of your building – are there roots going to interfere with the buildings foundations, is the tree going to shade light from the building and drop all its leaves over the roof?

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