They’re even talking about garden rooms on Coronation Street

Whilst watching Coronation Street on Friday night (its a guilty pleasure) we were amused to see the Platt family discussing the possibility of building a garden room for Gail, the grandmother to live in!

If you are not familiar with the storyline, the Platt’s are a multi generational household, and they are trying to find a way to happily (okay no one is ever happy on Coronation Street) live together, and one idea was to add a building in the garden where Gail could live.

Certainly a garden room would be a good solution for their problems, the different generations would have their own space, but still be able to spend time together.

The one element of the discussion that concerned us, was that they used the example of their neighbours who had a shed in the garden which the teenage son used as a bolt hole. Fully insulated garden rooms and sheds are two very different things, and creating a separate living space in the garden is not as simple as putting up a big shed.

For starters if you are planning on sleeping in a garden building – even only occasionally it needs to comply with Building Regulations, it will also require Planning Permission to be built, so its not as simple as popping to the DIY store and buying a shed.

Benefits of buying a garden room living annexe

  • Quick to build – lead time is generally the length of time it takes to apply for Planning Permission, build time is typically around 2 weeks.
  • Highly insulated – people fear that garden room annexes will be cold, but in fact you’ll probably buy a building that is better insulated than your house is.
  • High spec – modern garden room annexes feature many high specification features, from floor to ceiling glazing to air conditioning.
  • All mod cons – garden room annexes can be designed to incorporate fully functional kitchens, shower rooms and toilets, making them truly self contained.
  • Good value – depending on the size of garden annexe you build, and the features it includes you can buy a unit for around the £30,000 mark – this is cheap accommodation.
  • Project managed – most garden room builds are totally project managed, so you just sit back and get ready to move in, this creates a stress free building process for the client.

Built for your needs

There are a few standard design granny annexe buildings on the market, but normally and most successfully the design of the building is tailored to your needs and your garden. Most of the bespoke garden room designers we feature on this site will have at least one granny annexe build in their portfolio.



Further reading

Our popular Garden Rooms Magazine features a Granny Annexe Buying Guide in issue thirteen, download your copy here.



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