The Ultimate Exterior Checklist

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If you have a garden room, you might be considering updating the exterior. Some of the most important places to consider are the windows and doors. You should also think about roof maintenance or even replacement. Finally, you might want to look at the exterior walls. In this article we will explain why these elements are crucial and also give you great exterior upgrade ideas.

Points of Entry and Exit

Your garden room is your sanctuary so you want to keep it safe. This doesn’t just mean sturdy locks to keep out burglars. It also means protecting the inside of your garden room from the elements. Well-sealed doors and windows can save you money on energy and heating bills. So it pays to update here more than anywhere.

What’ a U-Value?

The U-value determines the amount of insulation a door provides. Garden rooms are especially vulnerable to lost heat since all four walls are exposed to the elements. Good wall construction is vital, as are well insulated doors. So look for a door with a low U-value to get the best insulation. You can find some wonderful low U-value doors at

How About the Roof?

New roofing is also a critical element of garden room maintenance. Bad roofing can cause leakage which could lead to an expensive disaster. Make sure you hire a trusted roofing expert to take a look outside and inside for areas that need repair. Every 5 -10 years, you should consider a completely new roof. Many people these days are opting for living or green roofs. These provide for great insulation and are ecologically friendly.

Exterior Wall Care

Check the walls. Do they look worn with the paint chipping? Then coat those walls with fresh paint right away. If the walls are natural wood, then look to add stain and finish. Actually, it is better to do this update before the paint chips or the wood fades in color. In general, a fresh coat of paint or wood finish is needed about every three years.

What are my door choices?

Basically, the sky is the limit when it comes to door design and choices. You can have a solid, well-insulated door that looks great too. Here are some popular styles to consider:

• Cheltenham: classic two-window styling sure to fit in with any garden room design.

• Chepstow: wonderful design for garden rooms with one large window to let plenty of light in.

• Cottage: the name says it all. A door of simplicity and fine taste.

• Newbury: stylish with many options to fit your preferences. Provides for more privacy but plenty of light as well.

Eco-Friendly is Important

These days, when upgrading your home, it is important to take into account the environment. Having good insulation is one way, but the door material is also important. Some of the most versatile, functional and stylish doors today are made of recycled PVC. This provides the best of eco-friendly design because it is not only a great insulator, but it also takes advantage of the latest recycling technology.

Don’t Forget the Details

The little things make a big difference. For example, the type of glass you use in a window or door can completely change the character of your garden room. And maybe you just want basic a white door handle. Or perhaps you want to make a bolder statement with a polished gold finish. Either way, it is your choice. Remember, it is your space so make sure it reflects a bit about you.


Garden room exteriors take a lot of abuse. Maintenance is very important to retain the value and function of the room. Doors, windows, roofing and walls are the most important areas to maintain. Now while there is a cost involved, if you are faithful in these maintenance areas, you are sure to enjoy your garden room for many years to come.

Ameline Clerk loves all things about exterior design. She writes for  and knows how important it is to maintain the exterior of your garden room or home.


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