The three main ways of buying a garden room

There are three main ways of acquiring a garden room – choosing a standard design, commissioning a bespoke design or self building. Buying a standard design doesn’t mean compromising on layout or features, most garden room suppliers have some flexibility in their design and can offer choices of location of windows and doors, and different roof styles e.g. flat or pitched. Standard garden room designs are normally well specified with the most popular features in garden room design such as glazed walls and EPDM roof coverings but many suppliers offer feature upgrades such as living roofs and bi-fold doors for a little extra cost.

If you can’t find a standard design that fits the bill why not commission a unique design from a specialist company. Peoples first thought is that bespoke design is going to be much more expensive than buying a standard design, this is not necessarily the case, but for what additional expense there is you are getting a garden room tailored to your needs with all the features you desire. Bespoke designs can take a little longer to commission and install than buying a standard design, this is because everything is designed and built to order. By buying a standard design or bespoke design you are entering into a full installation service, everything (often except a concrete base and connection of the electrics to the mains) is included in the price and handled by the garden room company, this means it’s a hassle free experience for the customer, and once the building is installed in your garden it is ready to use.


A third option is to build a garden room yourself; this is a much more hands on experience for the customer. Companies such as Garenberg offer a self build range of garden rooms, this is an ideal way to self build as all the materials are supplied and it’s simply a case of putting them together, it’s also a fairly quick project with buildings able to be installed in just a few days. If you don’t want to build a garden room from scratch but would like control over the finish why not consider a garden room from Courtyard Designs, as well as offering a full installation garden room they also offer a shell version which leaves the customer with the insulation, electrics and internal finishes to install – a easy self build compromise.

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