The cost of heating a garden room

How much will it cost to heat a garden room? Is an important question, this guest post by Multiheat Energy Systems explains how your choice of heater can significantly effect running costs

Energy efficient heating. To heat a 12 square metre room with good insulation will require a 600 watt infrared heater costing from £282.  The panel fixed should be fixed to the wall or ceiling, it is only 2.5cm deep, and the cable cut short to neatly fit to the closest plug socket, a simple timer will ensure the heating is turned on and off as necessary. The running cost for prolonged use is low due to the low energy consumption of the panel.

Creating additional warmth in the really cold weather is not easy, do you go for something cheap or spend more money initially on a product that will run efficiently for years?

There are plenty of cheap fan heaters around, they throw out a good amount of heat but are extortionately expensive to run, and then you need to find somewhere to hide it for the rest of the year! When the cold weather comes additional warmth is required for long periods, so for example, a 2000watt fan heater could be on for 5 hours a day at 13pence per unit that is £1.30 per day.

Compare this to spending more money, £282, on the initial purchase of an infrared heating panel which is only 600 watts on for 5 hours a day at 13 pence per unit that is only 40pence per day! The panel could be fitted onto the wall or ceiling where it is not using up valuable floor or storage space. After a couple of years the panel will have paid for itself and will continue to save money over future winters, but the cheap fan heater will probably have fallen apart! Panels have a three year guarantee but as there are no moving parts anticipate life to be much longer.

It just shows how a little extra initial outlay can save you money in the long run, for more information about infrared heating panels visit the Multiheat Energy Systems website or call them on 01237 451759

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