Take The Plunge! Use A Garden Studio As A Pool House

Garden studios are so versatile they can be used for almost any use, this article by Atelier focuses on garden studios as pool houses:

Garden studios can be used for a wide range of activities; from office studios to multi-media rooms, from children’s play rooms to boutique spa rooms. However, Atelier has noticed an increasing demand for garden studios that will be used as pool houses for outdoor swimming pools.

A number of Atelier’s projects have involved designing and constructing garden studios to stand beside outdoor pools.

Used in this way, garden studios can be highly stylish additions to already impressive swimming pools. For this function, garden studios can also be highly functional as well; being utilised as changing rooms, patio areas, and even shower rooms and toilets.

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Garden studios are perfect for keeping the house dry. By acting as a focal point for the outdoor pool, garden studios can be used by swimmers to dry off and get changed after a dip; a particularly welcome idea for parents, who may be keen to stop little, wet feet scampering through the main home! Elaborating on this theme, garden studios can also be used as convenient shower rooms and bathrooms, so that swimmers do not have to traipse through the house every time they need the bathroom.

In this role, garden studios can be used as perfect patio areas for lazy days by the pool. Atelier’s garden studios provide the perfect hideaway on warm summer days. Connected to the household’s main electricity source they are fully self-sufficient, providing a haven away from the home. Homeowners can enjoy Atelier’s garden studios from the comfort of their beautiful verandas, or from inside with the garden studios’ folding sliding door systems fully open, allowing the warm weather to flood in, whilst keeping the hot sun from burning them.

When used as pool houses, garden studios promote a healthier lifestyle, with summer activities based around the day-to-day use of garden studios. Children are more inclined to use the swimming pool, thereby burning off energy and leading more active lifestyles. Garden studios can be the hub of family life during the summer, providing a versatile structure that can be used for both active lifestyles and rest and relaxation.

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