Swift Garden Rooms ….. Each one is as special as you are.

Guest post from Swift Garden Rooms explaining the benefits of bespoke design garden rooms:

Maybe you want more from your new detached extension than an off-the-shelf product can provide.  Perhaps you want a building that is as individual as you, and displays the characteristics that will make the room perfect for your lifestyle.

Swift are not only willing, but actively encourage their clients to enjoy the design journey that leads to an individual and successful project.  The building pictured demonstrates this approach.  Unusual and appealing shapes are formed with a buttressed veranda that extends to create a fabulous outdoor room adjoining the enclosed studio.

A contrasting combination of rendering and cedar cladding adds to the impact, whilst the deep roof and concealed drainage makes for a particularly smooth visual line.  Not just based upon a sketch, this design is the result of the combined efforts of architectural and engineering expertise.   It will work every bit as well as it looks and boasts the same 10 year, insurance-backed warranty that is freely included with all Swift domestic buildings.

The design brief for this bespoke garden room includes many factors that have to be satisfied:

  • A permanent and robust building
  • Year-round use with high levels of sound and heat insulation
  • A striking visual appearance that reflects quality and individuality
  • A large, integrated and well protected veranda area that can be used for much of the year
  • Expansive windows and doors that connect with the garden surroundings
  • Climate control system for automated and effective temperature management

Not all of our projects are as dramatically individual.  Sometimes a tailor-made solution that is perfect for our client can be affected by a simple adjustment of dimensions or a change of door configuration and sizes.  It really doesn’t matter……  these are buildings for your lifestyle and it really is all about you!

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