Studioni Can Create Garden Rooms With Lots Of Storage

Studioni are bespoke garden room designers and can create a garden building tailored to your needs, today we look at garden rooms with storage areas they have created.

What are the benefits of buying a garden room with integral store?

More secure than a traditional detached single-skin wooden shed – for storing bikes, kayaks, play equipment, ride-on mowers, gardening and DIY tools.

Can be constructed to same high specification as the studio for safe and dry storage of files, paperwork, art, electrical goods; can be built with correct insulation and security for serious wine storage like our current project.

Will the finished building look like a shed or will it be built to the same specification as a standalone garden rooms?

Studioni storage rooms look good, like our offices or studios.  You can choose to have them created detached, from the studio, or integrated as part of the main room.  They’re finished with a roofline aluminium trim and clad continually with the same timber profile.

Can customers have all the design features available in standalone garden rooms in this type of building?

They sure can and may want to benefit from our free bespoke design service.

What sort of price are customers looking at for a multifunction building? What size building would this produce?

In terms of planning regs, clients who do not wish to exceed their permitted developments rights can usually incorporate a storage room within their studio for an internal space which falls under 30m2.  Larger suites and rooms will need a planning application which we can also do for the client.  Cost depends on need and size of room but would involve pricing for a partition wall, extra access door or doors, deck step or ramp, internal shelving or racks and a floor finish.

What other things should buyers think about when buying a garden room with integral store?

Access!  Security!  Space!  If clients are likely to need storage for heavy equipment (ride-on mowers, weight training machines) make sure your chosen company has engineered the floor properly to support the weight.  That’s the simple bit.

You may find you need a ramped access for the storage room, making the lawnmower or bicycle easier to take out and put back.

Depending on what you need to store, you may also like to connect the space to your home alarm system for an added security measure.

Think big – garages fill up with clutter really fast and your storage shed can too.  We can rack the walls for best use of space, ready to arrange and organize your possessions.

Pictures 1, 2, 3: This garden studio was designed for a client in England to comprise of two separate rooms. One for fine art work, with plenty of natural light and the other for garden storage and safe housing of a ride-on lawnmower. The store room needed a ramp with access through the ‘invisible’ double doors. This design, with the extended overhang and extra decking was further enhanced with some careful joinery detailing under the overhang and an extra step for direct access to the art studio. Security motion detector was installed, in line with the flush downlights. Pictures 4, 5: The following couple of pictures were taken by our client. His home office and detached shed were made to measure and designed to match, from sloping roof to aluminium trim and cladding, the garden looks fantastic!…

Great advice from Studioni, visit their informative website for more information on what they can create.

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