Solar Powered Tiny House

It is exciting watching the development of the Tiny House UK range, hot on the heels of their kit range of Tiny Houses being tested in the Daily Mail, the team behind the range have just completed the first ‘off grid’ model.

Solar powered tiny house

For those of you not familiar with the Tiny House concept, they are small portable houses complete with living, sleeping, washing and cooking facilities. Because the buildings are built on a chassis they are moveable so you have endless possibilities as  to where you site them.

Off grid tiny house

The addition of ‘off grid’ power means you can site the building away from mains supply and still benefit from home comforts!

The Tiny House UK website explains how the solar panels will provide more than enough power for the building:

powered by a 2.4kw Antaris solar kit. 3 panels sitting snugly on the roof will charge the 6 batteries throughout the day. When fully charged, holds enough power to boil a kettle for an hour continuously. The lighting inside the Tiny House is a mix of 2watt and 10watt LED’s which will hardly touch the battery storage if used when needed.

The Tiny House has all ‘mod cons’:

The shower is powered by two Duracell Batteries and a bottle of gas much like a BBQ. A small boat pump can feed the burners that will heat the water very fast. A thermostat is recommended to tone the heat down as it can achieve Temperatures too hot to handle. The system can also be connected to a garden hose which will eliminate the need for the pump and mains pressure turns the unit into a power shower, better than a Triton electric shower unit.

Also in the shower/wet room is a composting toilet. With plenty of off grid WC’s on the market, the eco-toilet is by far the best I have seen. A small fan is fitted which removes all odors and helps to dry out the solids. Two options are available, 12v and 24v depending on the tiny house electrical set up.

It really is an exciting concept! Mark Burton of Tiny House UK regularly blogs about the progress of the range, have  a read here or give him a call on 07860 852714


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