Smart Solution For Small Gardens

Continuing our look at garden rooms suitable for small gardens we chat with Smart Garden Offices

Some readers fear that their garden is too small for a garden room, tell us about your experiences of creating garden room solutions for small spaces, please give an example:

The Smart Micro is the perfect tiny garden office. This tiny building measures 7ft x 7ft internally yet is built to the same standard as the larger buildings in our range. The Micro building has a footprint that is smaller than a standard garden shed – but still has cat swinging space. Double glazed, insulated and full cabled the building is manufactured and installed by our own team. The Smart Micro is a perfect one person space – be it home office, craft room or compact leisure den.

Project Size: Smart Micro 7ft x 7ft internally

Project Cost: £3995 +VAT ( includes delivery and installation in S E England – additional delivery costs elsewhere in the UK)

Choosing the right position for a garden room in a small garden can be critical, what would you recommend buyers consider when choosing a location for their garden room?

Avoid the need and cost of a concrete base by using an existing area of patio or solid decking. We’ll configure the position of windows and door to suit you

Readers are concerned that a garden room might dominate or overpower a small garden, how do you design your garden rooms to prevent this?

All Smart building include design features to reduce the impact of the new building. Soft, radius-ed vertical corners and a gentle traditional roof pitch allows the Micro to blend into any garden – without the harsh cuboid facets of many other buildings

Some readers are concerned that because they only have a small site they have will have to forgo the on-trend features like full length windows, living roofs, under floor heating etc – is this the case?

Large windows and doors are very important on all garden rooms – and the Smart Micro has a large proportion of glass. Fully glazed doors work well, although we advise against full depth windows as in practice the owner needs to be showing off endless cables and backs of PCs/ TV etc.
“Living roofs” this year are “weed roofs” next year – avoid at all costs.

When designing a small garden room what features would you recommend or include maximising the space?

When the Smart Micro is to be used as a home office, our purpose design and built Versadesk will optimise the available space and offers capacious storage whilst maintaining the airy space of the interior

Realistically what is the smallest usable garden room space?

7ft x 7ft minimum size.
In theory, if you can’t lie down in it – you’ll never get comfortable sitting down

Access can be a problem in smaller gardens; do you have measures in place to overcome access problems?

We manufacture all our own components, so we can carry all Smart buildings through any size/type of house or garden flat. We’ve NEVER been defeated yet !

What is your top tip for those looking to buy a small garden room?

Buy a building that avoid trendy design tokens and invest in a building that is designed for year round use and is fully insulated, double glazed and integrally cabled

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