Smallest garden room

We have featured a lot of small garden rooms over the years but think that this might be the smallest. Sitting on a footprint of just 1.9m x 1.7m, it may be small in stature it certainly doesn’t lack style or features!

This tiny garden room has been designed as a home office by the team at Think External who are based in the South West of England. Think External were presented with a number of challenges that they had to design around when creating this building. Their customer lives in a terraced house with a small garden with no rear access. While they wanted to create an extra room in the garden, they didn’t want the building to dominate it. Also because there was no direct access to the garden, all the materials had to be walked through the house.

Smallest garden room we've seen

An added complication for this project was the wall running around the garden. This is actually a retaining wall for a road which runs alongside the property. Consideration of this meant that a foundation system that didn’t require extensive groundworks and excavation was called for. The Think External team, therefore, chose to make use of concrete pad foundations which negate the need for excavation of the ground.

The use of a fully glazed single door and opening window alongside is a clever way of making the garden room seem bigger. The glazing has created a light filled office. The use of fitted furniture in the form of a corner desk and shelving also maximises the small footprint.

Fitted furniture makes the room seem bigger

This building proves that even on the smallest of footprints you can create a stylish, functional garden room. To learn more about this build talk to the Think External team on 07760 661 792 or take a look at their website to learn more about their business.

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