Small Garden Rooms

Looking for a small garden room? Well, we have curated this page of small garden room articles for you.  These garden rooms might have a small footprint but they are big on features. Note: Some of these articles are more than a year old, so be aware any prices quoted may well have changed.

Made to measure garden office

This bespoke garden room was designed to fit in a small area.

Quirky small garden room

This garden room is a quirky shape so as to maximise the site.

Ultra by Smart Garden Office

The Ultra garden room comes in several sizes from small to very big.

Mokki Garden Studios

Architect designed, modular small garden rooms.

New Small Garden Room

Booths Garden Studio have created a new small garden room design

Pavilion Garden Studios

This unique garden room design offers a great palette of materials.

Garden studio for an artist

Sanctum Garden Studios Hampton range is a popular small garden room.

Hexagonal Garden Room

You might have seen these clever hexagonal pods on TV.

Garden office pod

This garden pod is small yet perfectly formed.

Narrow garden room

At 1.8m this is one of the narrowest garden rooms we've seen.

Built in less than a day

Modular 105's garden rooms can be built in one day.

Small music room

This compact room is just the right size for a music teacher.

Garden room 2 years on

It's nice to see how a garden room ages, this one is 2 years old.

Compact garden room

This bespoke garden room has been designed to slot in.

Fully fitted garden office

A good solution in a small garden room is to choose fitted furniture.

Garden rooms and tricky sites

This small garden room was built on quite a tricky site.

Planning permission friendly

This classic Henley design is Planning friendly.

Designed for a small space

Garden room designers have a lot of tricks for a small space.

Small garden pod

Tiny garden pod ideal for the smallest of gardens.