Small garden pod ideal for small gardens

Garden rooms don’t have to be large to be functional. They also don’t need to become a dominant feature in your garden, as this small garden pod by MorphPOD clearly shows.


MorphPOD were approached by a client in Southampton who was looking to build a pod in their small garden. The building needed to be small due to the space restrictions within the garden. Because there was no direct access to the garden, it would also need to be built on-site as all the materials for the project would need to be transported through the client’s house.

The pod needed to be built under Permitted Development rules. This meant that to enable the building to be built tight to the boundaries of the garden it needed to be under 2.5 meters high. The pod sits on a compact footprint of 1220mm x 2274mm and has been designed to maximise the use of sheet materials, thus making it as material efficient as possible.

small-garden-pod-ideal-for-small-gardens-4229-PROP3 Morphpod Southampton Garden Room (1)

The exterior of the pod has been designed to blend in. Softwood cladding has been fitted in a batten & board pattern which is in keeping with buildings around the area. The sloping roof has also been designed so that a living sedum roofing system can just slot in. The clients are using a sedum roof system that comes in a pre-grown tray by Sedum Green Roof.


Internally the room has been lined with birch plywood which coupled with the glazed door and window creates a light room.


The building was originally intended for storage, but the client is so pleased with it they think it is worthy of more, we agree! If you were thinking of using a pod like this all year round you could talk to the MorphPOD team about incorporating insulation into the design.


This is a great example of a small garden pod for use in smaller gardens. To learn more talk to the MorphPOD team on 01547 530 366 or visit their website.

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