Small Garden Office Solution by OfficePod

Many people think their garden is too small for a garden room, so we have asked the garden room suppliers to share with us their experiences of creating highly usable garden rooms in small gardens. We talk to OfficePod about their stylishlysmall buildings

Some readers fear that their garden is too small for a garden room, tell us about your experiences of creating garden room solutions for small spaces, please give an example:

I’d like to think that we can provide an ideal solution for your readers.

OfficePOD is a small modular building that takes up an area of just 7’6” by 7’6”. Being modular we can get all the parts through even a terraced house into small gardens. There are no ‘wet’ and messy trades and we can install a POD over 2 days. The price reflects the fact that it is a well engineered solution and is fully fitted with furniture.

The picture attached is on an install in Guildford where the client has a typically small area next to his house. The property is a large house converted into a number of quite exclusive flats but where each flat has very little space demised to it. The client has confirmed that he is willing for us to show potential customers around.

We are currently looking at offering a lease finance deal that would result in monthly payments of around £300-400 depending on size of deposit and length of contract.

Project Size: 7’6” x 7’6” x 7’6” (W x D x H)

Project Cost: £16,000 plus VAT installed.

Choosing the right position for a garden room in a small garden can be critical, what would you recommend buyers consider when choosing a location for their garden room?

Ultimately it is a compromise between having easy access, the ability to connect into the existing power supply and the ground conditions (our POD needs good firm ground such as a patio or decking. With small gardens, there is often only one or two places that an office can go.

Readers are concerned that a garden room might dominate or overpower a small garden, how do you design your garden rooms to prevent this?

The OfficePOD is a very sophisticated design that looks good in its own right and architecturally would look good in the garden of a modern house as well as in that of a listed building.

Some readers are concerned that because they only have a small site they have will have to forgo the on-trend features like full length windows, living roofs, under floor heating etc – is this the case?

Not with the OfficePOD. It has a self contained ventilation, heating and cooling system that is carefully hidden behind the fitted furniture and creates a very energy efficient space compared to less well insulated structures.

When designing a small garden room what features would you recommend or include maximising the space?

The OfficePOD comes with fitted furniture and this probably brings the biggest gains.

Realistically what is the smallest usable garden room space?

We think that the POD is of ‘optimum’ size and is successful in creating ample space to work and for storage whilst being extremely space efficient.

Access can be a problem in smaller gardens; do you have measures in place to overcome access problems?

Yes, as already commented, the POD has been designed to be carried in pieces through a terraced house and erected without creating a lot of mess and debris.

What is your top tip for those looking to buy a small garden room?

Buy an OfficePOD!

Want to learn more about these exciting small garden offices? Call OfficePod on 07899 966685 or visit the OfficePod website.

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