Security risks with log cabin style garden offices

Useful guest post on the security issues you can face with log cabin style garden offices

Log Cabin Garden Office SecurityModern ways of working lends itself to working from home these days, the internet allows you to be connected to the office 24/7 and with the modern working stresses of families competing for your time as well as the boss, trying to find a nice place to work or get in grossed in a project and leave the struggles of your day to day endeavours the modern garden office is starting to become more popular than ever.

The advantages are obvious, having a spare room away from the house goes without question, there is a more pro active engagement to get things done when you have to go somewhere to do it.

There is a host of manufactures that are now producing log cabin style garden offices for the garden and most are built in our neighbouring European countries and are really only meant to be used as a meeting/focal place where a BBQ can be had with friends and families.

For that very reason the security of these log cabin garden offices can be very dyer indeed. From experience the locks on the doors and windows are the very basic in nature. Even with moderate force these locks can be circumvented with relative ease, which means if these log cabins are used as small offices they could in fact be an open invitation to thieves. When I was on the tools doing security surveys for client houses, It was to my amazement that I would be asked to carry out a security review of the home when down the bottom of the garden would be log cabin/office with computers, printers, wide screen TV’s etc. and the lock that keeps the double doors locked could have been opened with a screwdriver.

If you are thinking of investing in a log cabin / office then you need to be asking if the locks comply with BS5839 or the new EN1303 standards. If you already have a log cabin garden office then you have a look to see if there is any British Standard Kitemarks on the locks that are already fitted. Chances are there won’t be, which could leave you vulnerable to attack, and also it would be questionable whether your insurance would pay out after a thief has run of with your new laptop. Windows are also not very secure and most have simple catches to keep the window closed, but probably not locked closed.

A lot of these doors also open out which means more unimpeded access inside. But also the hinges are then exposed. These could be cut of quite easily and the door opened from the hinge side and this would make all your door locks obsolete, so best to try and fit some hinge bolts to the hinge side of the doors.

Some doors are relatively thin and in some cases very hard to fit additional locks to. But there are options that may be available in secondary security products like door bolts and some types of padlock and pad bars that may suite.

There are ranges of narrow stile locks that should fit into these doors with relative ease and can be sought on

LocksOnline has been trading on line for over 13 years and if you don’t mind a bit of DIY then they can give expert advice on a whole range of security products that may be suitable for your log cabin garden office.

Give yourself some piece of mind and take a serious look at the security on your summer houses and keep enjoying them for what you use them for, safe in the knowledge that the contents will still be there in the morning.

Darrel Walters has been in the security industry for over 25 years, apprenticed in alarm engineering and access control, naturally extended to Locksmith work, fitting, Installing and maintaining all times of locking and security systems. Darrel is now the head of the tech team at LocksOnline and General Manager. He is also the Managing Director of the Walters Group Security Company Based in SW Wales.


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