Second hand garden offices

A few garden office designs are designed to be portable, this means if you want to move house you can take your garden office with you, it also gives you the option of selling your garden office if your needs change – good news from the suppliers is that second hand garden office prices are holding up well against new models.

The garden office ranges by Smart Garden Offices are all designed so they can be moved at a later date, and they are managing a growing number of garden office moves from one garden to another as Charlie Dalton of Smart Garden Offices explains:

We are now managing a growing number of second hand garden offices.  All our buildings are based on our own proprietary ISIS build system which readily enables us disassemble and reinstall any building elsewhere. This gives our customers ultimate flexibility, whether they choose to take their garden office with them when they move house or if they choose to sell-on for any other reason. This latter option is particularly popular with small and new business owners who may not be certain of their own long term requirements.

Recent examples are:

A customer in Kent purchased her Micro Garden Office in late 2009 for her growing health business. A change in her own personal circumstances in mid 2011 meant that she needed to sell her garden office. Meanwhile, a successful author based in Sussex, whose wife had recently had their baby, enquired to us about a Micro with a particular door / window configuration.  We saw there was a particularly good match – and rather than proceeding with a new Micro direct from the factory we recommended he purchased this second hand model. We merely acted as introducer – and made recommendation on pricing to both parties. As we undertook the DRR (Disassemble, Remove & Reinstall)  service ourselves we transferred the balance of the Warranty to the new owner.

In this case the verbal agreement between the two parties was completed within a couple of days of the introduction – and we concluded the matter with the building move over a matter of a couple of days later that month. Picture above.

A Suffolk customer purchased a Smart Micro for her small cottage garden, but when she recently decided to move house the new owner, who purchased the Micro with the house, decided she wished to maximize the size the garden and asked us to store and sell-on the building on her behalf. This building is now on its way to another customer in Camberley, Surrey.

Second hand values hold up very well on all Smart Garden Offices with excellent residual values. Recent examples of this include a 6-year old building sold for 65% of original, whilst a 2 year old Solo retained 78% of it’s value when sold on. As you’d expect, any ground works or electrical connection costs are rarely recovered though.

Demand often outstrips supply – as it’s a fairly rare circumstance when these come available- hence they tend to be sold quite quickly.

This is a great service offered by Smart Garden Offices, its reassuring to know you have an asset you can sell if your needs change.

For more information visit the Smart Garden Offices website

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