Scents and the City

Dawn from Decorated Shed writes:

Wisteria, magnolia and cherry, lilac perfumed trees and climbers turn an urban street into a fragrant trail …

When I was reading the garden section in last Sundays Observer magazine a lovely story caught my attention. Writer Dan Pearson informed readers of his cycle home from work where he came across a house which was literally covered in purple perfumed plants from top to bottom over four floors.

‘The plant trees were sage green in the street lights and the air was heady with the almondy smell, Kensington was coming into bloom’.

‘Drifts of Cherry blossom whirled on the pavements. I stood underneath the whirls of blossom and stared up into the branches, where thousands upon thousands of perfect buttons reached up as far as I could crane my neck.’

‘As I made my way though the side streets of London, I marvelled at the way the parks, the streets and the gardens had come together in a collective awakening.’

Spring has arrived and the season for gardening is upon us. Here at Decorated Shed it is our season for transforming your garden with a beautiful piece of architecture – a garden studio or garden office. Our in-house landscape architects are here to help with your garden foundations and design before and after your Decorated Shed garden building is built. They’ll ensure that your landscaping works in harmony with your new garden building, providing an environment where the structure and surroundings perfectly complement each other.

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