Sanctum Garden Studios Customer Interview

Continuing our chats with people who have already brought a garden room, office or studio, we talk with Larissa about her experience with Sanctum Garden Studios:

When did you buy your garden room, office or studio?

July 2010

What were your requirements for your garden room, office or studio?

A combination of home office and garden improvement. The studio had to be of a high specification for client meetings, all year round use and beautiful to look at.

Did you look at other sorts of home extension before settling on a garden room? Why did you choose a garden room over other type of extension?

No, we have a large garden and a fairly large house in the middle of London. We chose a garden office as a replacement of the pagoda we inherited when we bought our property. The studio was a good solution to a ‘dead’ part of the garden, overshadowed by trees

What made you choose your garden room, office or studio supplier?

Efficiently. The all inclusive elements of the contract. Most suppliers made the ordering of the studio over complicated and full of ‘added extras’ which raised the cost surprisingly. Sanctum, were honest, direct, extremely helpful, very supportive when making various changes, well planned, incredibly quick and clean and a joy to work with. The customer service was the best i have ever encountered and i am a fussy professional Londoner with limited time, running my own business, with two small children – Sanctum could not of helped me more or made me feel confident in my decision to push forward and order the Studio, which we had been planning for over 18 months.

Does your garden room, office, studio fulfil its intended use?

Absolutely and more. Not only is it a working office. It has also doubled as a mini gym and is a haven for my kids to play in. The perfect outside, all year round additional element to our living environment

Is your garden room, office, studio comfortable to use all year round?

Absolutely. it is perfect

Do you have heating or cooling systems, were they supplied with your building or did you add them at a later date?

Although we had the option of heating, we didn’t take it. Our studio is warmed by the sun and retains it heat far better than my house. In the summer, with my doors wide open it is the perfect temperature to work and play in

How long did your garden room, office or studio take to build on site, was it straight forward?

The studio took 3 days to build – it was extremely straight forward due to the efficiency and planning of Sanctum. I trusted the company with access to our garden while we were away on holiday. it was the perfect installation

Would you have done anything different ie specified different materials, altered the design etc?

No – its perfect

Do you have to do much maintenance on your garden room, office or studio?

No, nothing at all. Clean the windows. Treat the wood – very occasionally

If you could give a prospective customer a piece of advice what would it be?

Just be bold and build the studio you crave. No fuss, just do it, it is absolutely worth every single penny you spend. Make sure you use someone who is recommended. Detail all your requirements and be honest and direct with your supplier – tell them what you want and negotiate a price – I would really recommend going with a company like Sanctum who build an inclusive price for you – so there are no hidden surprises!

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