Sanctum Garden Studios Customer Feedback

Its a good idea to pick the brain of a previous customer when buying a garden studio, here we chat with a Sheila Laurens a Sanctum Garden Studios customer about her buying experiences:

When did you buy your garden room, office or studio?

September 2011

What were your requirements for your garden room, office or studio?

Art and photography studio

Did you look at other sorts of home extension before settling on a garden room? Why did you choose a garden room over other type of extension?

We already have building extensions and didn’t need planing permission for garden studio of this specification. An extra room on the ground floor level, due to deteriorating health, was essential.

What made you choose your garden room, office or studio supplier?

We looked at local suppliers and other online sites but Sanctum Garden Studios stood out for us as stylish and good value.
After talking to the company we were very convinced they were the right company for us because they were very friendly and helpful. We talked through all our requirements

Does your garden room, office, studio fulfil its intended use?

Yes.. it’s perfect !!

Is your garden room, office, studio comfortable to use all year round?

Only just had it but I image that I will be able to use it all year round because of the insulation they used.

Do you have heating or cooling systems, were they supplied with your building or did you add them at a later date?

I have a heater/fan that I supplied myself

How long did your garden room, office or studio take to build on site, was it straight forward?

2 days !!! I was amazed at the speed and efficiency and can’t stop talking about it.. They were so organised. Brilliant !!

Would you have done anything different ie specified different materials, altered the design etc?


Do you have to do much maintenance on your garden room, office or studio?

Nothing but I can oil the cedar if I wish to keep the colour – I haven’t decided yet

If you could give a prospective customer a piece of advice what would it be?

Use Sanctum Garden Studios and go and see one they have built already – come and see mine!!

Sheila is obviously delighted with her Sanctum Garden Studio, if you want the same experience visit the Sanctum Garden Studios website

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