Round Garden Studio Guide

In a new series of articles we are going to look at the pros and cons of different shapes and styles of garden studio, to start we are looking at round garden studios and we have made a short video to accompany this article.

Round garden studios have become popular over the last year or so, they make a unique and striking feature in your garden and have the added bonus of looking good from every angle.

Why choose a round garden studio?

  • If you are looking for a focal point in your garden then you should consider a round garden studio as they look attractive from every viewpoint.
  • Windows and doors can be placed to frame views of your garden.
  • Round studios have an airy feel thanks to the vaulted ceiling.
  • Round studios are a truly unique space to spend your time.
  • They are a talking point!

Positioning a round garden studio in your garden

Round studios lend themselves to be positioned in the centre of the garden so they can be walked around to fully appreciate the workmanship that has gone into building them; they also draw the eye down the garden. A round garden studio will also sit happily in the corner of a garden but you should check with your local planning as to how near you can situate a garden building to the boundary line (your boundary line will be your garden wall or fence).

Round studio construction

Like most garden studios, round studios are built using modular construction methods. Studios are built using one of two methods – a traditional timber frame or structural insulated panels which are commonly known as SIP’s. Timber frames can be built in a curved shape, although this is more complicated than straightforward rectangular wall panels so may make the overall cost of the studio more, SIP’s can be curved when they are manufactured in a factory. Whatever framework is chosen the walls are then built up in layers of membranes, airspaces and claddings.

Round garden studios can be clad with regular cladding timbers such as tongue and groove but are commonly finished in wooden shingles, because of their size wooden shingles are able to wrap around the building and continue the curved lines, they also provide a unique and attractive finish.

Roofs on a round garden studio are either made from pre moulded roof sections made out of materials such as fibreglass or made with wooden rafters; it takes some skill and time to cut the rafters for a round roof so this is a more expensive alternative to a pre moulded roof. A wooden roof is normally then tiled and a well tiled round roof is a thing of beauty.

Doors and windows can be positioned to frame the views of the garden, custom curved doors, windows and glass are very expensive so standard house quality doors and windows are used – these are obviously straight objects in curved walls so some of the curviness of the studio is lost.

Positioning furniture in a round studio

A drawback of a round garden studio is that it can be difficult to position furniture. Large furniture such as sofas and desks can end up with a space behind it and the wall, the way to overcome this is to use smaller furniture and custom made curved fitted furniture, however with fitted furniture you don’t have the freedom for a move around!

Lighting a round garden studio

Garden studios are flooded with natural light thanks to the large expanses of glass but you should consider artificial light for overcast days and evenings. In the video that goes with this article we have tried different types of lighting in a round studio to test how well they work, we found that up lighters on the walls just lit the roof area, a centre pendent light lit the main room but not the roof and that recessed spot lights in the roof lit the whole building.



  • Attractive an unusual garden studios
  • Stunning tiled roof
  • Airy feel thanks to vaulted ceiling


  • Furnishing can be difficult
  • Straight doors and windows in a curved building
  • Can be more expensive than other styles of garden studio

If you are interested in a round garden studio we suggest you look a


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