Rotunda Living Launches

The idea of a round garden room has caught the imagination of many homeowners, Gemma Roe led the way in round garden room design at O-Pod she has now branched out on her own launching a range of luxury, eco friendly round garden rooms called Rotunda Living, this article introduces you to the range and the background behind it, next week we will look at the specification of these new garden rooms and the main design features.

Last Sunday, Rotunda Living Ltd. held it’s launch party on their show-site on the A556 at Bucklow Hill in Knutsford, Cheshire to celebrate the opening of their ‘POD’; a prefabricated ‘Roundhouse’ (the modern equivalent to a conservatory or house extension); bursting with character, the Rotunda has the natural charm of a house-boat or a swedish log cabin – but it’s round!! It’s most definitely the most unusual garden eco-buildings available in the UK.

You might have seen Gemma (the Managing Director of Rotunda) on the most recent series of Dragons Den in September with Aidan Quinn (promoting their O-Pod, circular garden room), receive an offer of £75,000.00 from Theo Paphitis.

After screening, Gemma received an independent offer of investment from local Business man Barry Bladon of Aqua Air Ltd at Bucklow hill and has subsequently designed a brand new luxury range of circular Eco-Garden Buildings; one of which has been a great source of interest to motorists commuting along the A556 since construction began back in June!

The show-pod is now available for public viewing, and the range of small circular micro-buildings are currently being promoted by the Fun Shui Organisation, led by the Congleton based celebrity millionaire Dr Dawn Gibbins; her national team of Feng Shui practitioners and Healthy Homes consultants are hailing ‘Rotunda eco-pods’ as ideal spaces for yoga, meditation, guest-bedrooms, garden offices and creative spaces. Currently Rotunda Living Ltd is the only manufacturer of Circular eco-buildings in the UK.

Naturally, with such a fairytale start to an unusual new business set-up in a gloomy recession; Rotunda Living is an example of an exciting start-up which faces the recession head-on and takes a step forward in the bleak construction industry to provide beautiful, healthy and functional buildings which may benefit many residents in the North West who might be looking for a quirky alternative to a conservatory or home extension.

Rotunda Living Ltd is now looking forwards to a thriving eco-business which exists to support British woodlands, provide a new and exciting environment for home-owners, schools and holiday parks and provide a new perspective on how an eco-building can (and should) make you feel!
Photos are attached of the 4m demonstration pod…. please do feel free to pop in and see us if you find yourself on the A556 at Bucklow Hill and visit our website

Gemma can be contacted directly on (07792) 791938

Check back next week when we will look at the specification of Rotunda Living Garden Rooms

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