Roomworks Garden Room Extension

Here’s another example of how a garden room design can be adapted for use as a house extension, an alternative to a conservatory or brick built extension.

Roomworks have created this super extension on a small modern house, a typical example of where a conservatory might have otherwise been chosen, this garden room provides a ‘proper’ room that is fully insulated and comfortable to use all year round.

When we think of Roomworks we think sharp cladding detail, cleverly designed living roofs and large expanses of glazing and this can all be seen in the garden room extension.

We’re sure the extension looks good from all angles – from in the garden, from the upstairs window and from the neighbours side of the fence. This is because there’s a lot of attention to detail, the roof is pitched rather than flat which allows you to see the living roof from all angles, the cladding is sharp and because there is no eaves overhang on the sides the extension is neat and unobtrusive for the neighbours!

The room must be full of natural light, and shouldn’t make the room it’s attached to too dark thanks to the fully glazed doors on two elevations and the twin roof lights, which also offer easy ventilation.

We love this example of a garden room extension and it just proves you don’t have to build on a large scale to get a stylish living space.

Roomworks are starting work on another garden room extension as we speak and we will bring you photos of that as it progresses.

In the meantime you can contact Roomworks about their garden room extensions via their website or on their instant advice line 07789 681683 – they’re much better than a conservatory or traditional extension!

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