Room4-you Customer Interview

We chat with Room4-you customer Henry Steadman about his experiences of buying a garden room:

When did you buy your garden room, office or studio?

In last few months

What were your requirements for your garden room, office or studio?

Extra space in a modern stylish package

Did you look at other sorts of home extension before settling on a garden room? Why did you choose a garden room over other type of extension?

We wouldn’t have been eligible to get a great deal extra space with a regular extension as one had already been done to the property before we bought it, and we were near the maximum allowed for a rear extension and it would be expensive for very little gain.

What made you choose your garden room, office or studio supplier?

We visited the Ideal Home Exhibition at Earls Court earlier in the year and Room4You had the right mix of design at the right budget for our needs.

Does your garden room, office, studio fulfil its intended use?

An outside office is a useful alternative to work inside your main house, it gives you that slight separation between your domestic and professional life and the garden room we had built certainly fulfils that brief.

Is your garden room, office, studio comfortable to use all year round?

Don’t know yet as it’s only recently finished and the weather is obviously pretty mild, but we had an efficient spec electric heater installed as part of the build and are hoping it will make it comfortable even when it gets very cold.

It got a little sticky when it got very hot a month or so ago, but then again, this is the UK and Sun and excessive heat is not a major concern is it?!

Do you have heating or cooling systems, were they supplied with your building or did you add them at a later date?

See above.

How long did your garden room, office or studio take to build on site, was it straight forward?

It did run on a little longer than the week or so they quote, but Room4You were a little oversubscribed following their stand at the Ideal Home Show and if it had been a traditional build project it would have taken substantially longer.

Would you have done anything different ie specified different materials, altered the design etc?

Always, but then I can’t make a cup of tea without wondering whether I should have not used milk after all!

But the building is well made and any adjustments I would simply have chosen a slightly lower spec model as it turned out that the benefits of the model that we went for (The Arc) aren’t apparent enough within the context of our garden.

I think I would also consider one of the plant covered roof products if I had my time over, just so that the view of the building from above was a little more domestic looking.

That said, it’s a very nice finished garden room.

Do you have to do much maintenance on your garden room, office or studio?

Not applicable yet.

If you could give a prospective customer a piece of advice what would it be?

Build a full size cardboard replica before the real thing to see how it really sits in your garden!

Just joking, but do think carefully about how it’s going to sit within your garden.

Try to see examples of the finished product or real photos of previous examples to get an idea of what you do and don’t like about a given product and address those aspects before it all begins.

This is sound advice from Henry! If you are interested in a Room4-you garden room take a look at their website.

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