Relocating a Garden Room

Is it possible to take my garden room with me when I move?

This is a question often asked by garden room buyers, you can see why because you spend a lot of money on a garden room that fits your needs perfectly and you want to continue using it even if you move!

To get straight to the point, yes you can relocate garden rooms. Smaller models and those that don’t have a plastered interior can be dismantled, moved and reassembled without too much problem, in fact many garden room suppliers offer a dismantling, transporting and reassembling service, this is a great as it ensures your garden room is taken apart carefully and put together properly so it will be just as usable in its second home.

Another option for moving a garden room is to use a crane! If the site is not too far from a road a lorry with hiab can be used to lift up the building, if its further away from the road, a full size crane can lift it onto the lorry for transport. Strops are attached to the garden room in strategic places and it’s carefully lifted up, transported and relocated – it’s quite an exciting experience! There are some size limitations as to what can be moved by lorry, and you will probably need a movement order and a site survey, but your supplier will organise all of this for you.

Swift Garden Rooms have relocated their garden rooms using a crane

Swift Garden Rooms have relocated their garden rooms using a crane

However carefully a garden room is moved there will be some aspects that need redoing / replacing and you should factor a contingency into your costs for this. The beauty of modern foundation systems commonly used in garden room design is that they can be reused at the new site, and little repair will be required on the old site as the foundations can be cleanly removed unlike a concrete slab which can be difficult to disguise or dismantle.

How much it will cost to move a garden room is difficult to estimate as there are a number of variables, how big the room is, site access, how far you’re moving etc, but you would expect it to cost you a few thousand pounds.

So, yes it’s perfectly possible to take your garden room with you when you move but it’s widely accepted that a quality garden room adds value to a house, and is a desirable feature for potential buyers, so why not sell your garden room with the house, and use the money you make to buy yourself a new model!

If you have a difficult site or poor access its important that you chose a supplier that offers a site survey service, this will ensure that both you the client and the supplier are fully aware what’s involved in the project before work commences, we say this because we have heard of a few companies that sell garden rooms site unseen and when they deliver the garden room materials refuse to take them through to the site or start work because they weren’t told about the access or the slope!

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