Quirky hobby room in the garden

A garden room is a great solution if you are looking to create a dedicated space for your hobby. Because garden rooms are highly insulated structures, they can be used all year round without the fear of the contents becoming damp (as happens in shed/summerhouse type buildings which don’t feature protective membranes, etc). This makes them the perfect environment for many different hobbies.

This garden room design by Harrison James is being used to house a rather splendid train set, as well as a retreat to sit and enjoy the established garden.

Garden room designed for a train setGarden room houses a splendid train set

Quirky design features

This garden room has been uniquely designed for its owners by Harrison James. Its unique shape makes full use of the space available. The owners specified some quirky design features and made some material choices to make their garden room unique to them. We think their choices look great!

Garden room with angled front wallThe garden room has an angled cheek detail

To maximise the plot available, the garden room is an irregular shape with one side wall longer than the other. Working with a designer who will build a garden room that follows the lines of your plot, can be a good move, as you will end up maximising the space within your room and avoid creating a void of dead space behind your building.

The building that Harrison James designed is 4 meters wide. The left-hand wall is 4.5 meters long, while the right-hand wall is 3 meters long. This difference has created an angled front wall. The angled detail has also been repeated in a cheek detail running from the foot of the wall to the roof overhang on the left-hand side.

Dark green French doors

The customer specified for the garden room to have dark green French doors & windows, rather than dark grey which are commonly used in garden room design. Bespoke garden room designers like Harrison James are happy to accommodate these unique material choices, so their customers end up with their perfect garden room.

As you can see the dark green doors & windows contrast well with the Western Red Cedar cladding.

Dark green uPVC doors have been used on this garden room

Plastered & decorated interior

Harrison James complete their garden rooms with a fully plastered and decorated interior. An oak effect laminate wood floor was laid in the room.

To learn more about Harrison James can create the perfect room for your hobby, give them a call on 0330 353 0230 or take a look at their website.

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