Quality Time for a Swift Garden Room

When is the right time to have your new Garden Room? …. and then what kind of time will you spend in your new room once its installation is completed?

This time of year traditionally sees one of the busiest periods for the garden room industry. The desire to use our gardens is revitalised by the long daylight hours, the better weather and the extra colours of trees and plants. The idea of creating the extra space that you want, down in the garden, becomes even more attractive. So, is it a great time to investigate the prospect of a garden room right now? Yes.. and it is not too late to have your room completed in time to enjoy some of the valuable summertime. There is the added advantage that drier garden conditions and better weather (usually!) can make the installation process all the more straightforward and even faster. However, building doesn’t stop at any time of the year, so don’t worry if the time is not quite right for your project to get started quite yet.


Swift are currently working flat-out to meet demand for their individually designed garden rooms – and still have time to share the enjoyment of the quality time their clients have – while they make the most of their new space. The common thread that joins so many new owners of garden rooms is the quality of the time that is spent there. After many years of designing and installing these structures, Swifts director Martin Lawson still keeps in touch with a high proportion of Swifts clients. “Whatever the original reason for investing in a new garden room, the building becomes a cherished and valued space that allows people to spend quality time fulfilling whatever it is they wish to do there. It may be a designated area for work, or maybe a hobby. Increasingly we are designing more garden gyms and also more general family rooms. Having children in the safety of your garden whilst allowing them a degree of independence and privacy is a great advantage”. And, if designed with the future in mind, the usage can easily change as the family requirements change … or even new owners move in.

Pictured here is a garden room that is fulfilling such roles for the proud and delighted owners. Maybe that clock ticks just a little slower in such lovely surroundings?

For more information visit the Swift Garden Rooms website or give the team a call on 0800 3102 800

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