Prickly Sauce Garden Rooms

We’d like to introduce you to the work of Prickly Sauce who create bespoke garden rooms. Based in Exeter, Devon Rob Thomas, the man behind Prickly Sauce is a carpenter & joiner with over thirty years experience. In recent years Rob has completed an architecture degree. So, he brings a wealth of relevant knowledge and skill to the garden room industry.

Prickly Sauce built their first garden room last year, as Rob says:

I am having a lot of fun with the garden rooms, bringing together all of my skills that allow me to see the whole project right through from initial client meeting to the design, costing and creating.”

Prickly Sauce offers a bespoke garden room design service, allowing them to work closely with their customer to design a room that is inspired by them and their garden. Prickly Sauces’s aim is to create a garden room that is personal to each client.

We, particularly like this barrel vaulted roof garden room – barrel topped garden rooms are fairly unique in the market. The room is fully insulated for year round use and has a great palette of materials. The exterior is finished in Larch, this is mixed with galvanised wriggly tin. Internally the room is finished in birch ply – a popular option for buyers looking for a more creative finish.

Prickly Sauce Garden Rooms-4Prickly Sauce Garden Rooms-3Prickly Sauce Garden Rooms-2

The barrel roof and the detailing of the birch ply interior show off Rob’s joinery skills.

Prickly Sauce Garden Rooms-1

Whilst, not an insulated garden room it is interesting to see Prickly Sauce’s eye for design in this Bike Wardrobe. They have created a unique bike storage solution with maintenance shed and storage for four bikes and an off road uni-cycle. Designed for a London garden the aim was to design a visually small building. Take a look at this video looking at the design.

Prickly Sauce Garden Rooms-7Prickly Sauce Garden Rooms-6

We like how the scaffolding poles have been designed to allow the bikes to hang and be slid out of the maintenance shed area.

Currently, the Prickly Sauce team are working on a Scaffold Board Shed, this will be used as a creative ‘making space’. Scaffold boards have been chosen to offer a tactile, industrial feel – reflective of its intended use. The building has been designed so that all the materials can be walked through the clients house – the beauty of bespoke design. You can follow the progress of this build on Facebook.

Prickly Sauce garden rooms start at around £500 per square meter which is very reasonable. A full costing and specification will be provided after your initial site visit.

So if you are looking for a garden room that is a bit different, and is tailored to your needs and tastes talk to the Prickly Sauce team. They work in the South and South West of the UK.

To learn more take a look at the Prickly Sauce website or give them a call on 079 002 17 002 to discuss your garden room ideas.


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