Pool Houses – Function & Freedom

Guest Post

Nothing says “I’ve made it” more than being able to afford a swimming pool installation in your very own garden.  Almost nothing – a pool house is that cherry pinnacle on top which completes the ensemble and transforms your garden into a veritable health spa.  Pool houses can vary wildly from simple storage units to house your collection of rubber rings, to incredibly well stocked miniature houses.


A pool house can be used to entertain guests without having to endorse the facilities of your actual home; this would prevent you from having to clean your home after visits and will also give your guests somewhere to dry off without having to send them away, to sit in the house on their own.  Conservatory furniture looks excellent in summer houses and this translates perfectly to pool houses.


A pool house is not only essential for entertaining guests, but it can also be used as a method of storing your poolside equipment throughout the cooler, darker seasons. It’s unlikely that there will be enough space in your home to house your equipment and sheds aren’t particularly noted for their ability to keep out water; with this in mind a pool house is a perfect for storage throughout winter as it would keep your possessions safe and dry.


When considering a pool house there are a few features that you should include within the design – such as a seating area. A seating area may sound obvious but you’d be surprised at the amount of people that forget that one of the purposes of a pool house is to entertain, and how are you supposed to keep your guests entertained when they’re feeling fatigued from standing to attention all evening?


Your pool house should also incorporate a kitchenette and a bathroom or wet room, so that you can provide your guests with drinks, and when the night is through they can rinse themselves of the chlorine that they’ve collected from hours in the pool.

A pool house should feel light, airy and spacious; to reflect the ambience of poolside leisure.  To achieve this feeling your summer house should consist mainly of glass panels and preferably be facing the afternoon or evening sun, this will allow maximum light in and also produce a view of the rest of the garden and pool.


It isn’t crucial for your pool house to match your home, but it is recommended that your pool house feel like an extension of your home, rather than a separate entity entirely. To achieve this feeling your pool house should share similarities with your other buildings and significant structures; such as the architecture matching that of your home and the pool.  Nobody wants their Georgian terrace to be spoiled by your new lime green chrome garden pod.


Author: Thomas Jones is dedicated to the cause of Falcon Pools and creating environmentally friendly solutions to common poolside problems; he’s also passionate about water sports and can be seen off the coast of Kent flailing around in summer.

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