Planning your garden room

There are some useful tips in this guest post for garden room buyers

If you’ve got your eye on that perfect garden room and have chosen the ideal spot, it’s time to consider the finer details. As a starting point, it’s important to think about how you want to use the room. You may already have a clear idea: a writer’s study, a home office or a craft workshop. Or you may simply cherish the idea of a quiet spot to call your own. What’s important is to consider who will use the room, why it will be used and when. This will help you define storage, lighting, and heating requirements.


We all need a little extra storage, and if you’re using your garden room as a workspace, you’re going to want to keep it tidy. Incorporating storage solutions at the planning stage can help make the most of the space. A separate storage room, bookshelves and cupboards can all be included in the build and will save money on furniture down the line. For a more flexible space, ensure you leave enough money in your furnishing budget for freestanding storage.

LED lamps, isolated


A beautifully glazed garden room will be flooded with sunlight on a summer’s day, but what about those grey winter days? Plan your lighting carefully to create an inviting space year round. Choosing the right type of light bulb will have a big impact on the atmosphere of your room.

Fluorescent light bulbs are now used in many domestic fittings due to their efficient burning technology. They can be much smaller than traditional bulbs so perfect in a room where space is a premium. Consider using spotlights to target light on your working area while keeping a more dimly lit space for relaxation.

LED bulbs are becoming an increasingly popular option due to advances in technology. They are extremely energy efficient and have a long life – you might find that it’s twenty years before you ever have to change a gu10 led dimmable bulb! Coloured LED lighting can be used to create either subtle or dramatic lighting effects in your garden room. Use warm colours to create a cosy feeling or cool colours to replicate natural daylight.

Heating and Insulation

In the summer months, a blanket might be enough to keep off the chill, but if you want to make the most out of your investment throughout the year, heating and insulation are essential. Incorporating high quality insulation in your walls, floor and roof will ensure that you conserve heat – looking after both the environment and your pocket!

Heating options will depend on the size of your garden room. One or more panel heaters will get your room toasty, while a heat pump can be used for both warm and cool air. Many people love the underfoot warmth provided by electric underfloor heating.

Electricity and Communications

When planning your heating and lighting, it is important to remember that the electric system must comply with building regulations. This means that it must be fitted by a certified electrician, who will safely connect your garden room to the mains. The Electrical Safety Council can provide advice, as well as helping you find a local certified electrician. Remember to also speak to your electrician about fitting handy plug sockets.

Your garden room can offer fantastic seclusion from modern technology, but it is worth considering whether you want to stay in touch with the outside world. Test the Wi-Fi signal from your home in your chosen location. If it isn’t strong enough, you may need a Wi-Fi booster or even to install a fixed line.

Enjoy planning your garden room and bear in mind that the time you spend now will be an investment in your home.

Post written by Jeff McNeil. Jeff is a passionate writer who contributes on many home and garden blogs including The Garden Room Guide.

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