Planning Permission Friendly Henley Mini

There really are some great small garden offices on the market, one of them is the Mini by Henley Garden Offices.

Externally, the Mini is 2.5m high and 2.2m x 2.2m wide/deep. (Internally its 2.2m high and 2m x 2m wide/deep)

It costs £4,975 + VAT including internal electrics, installation. Flat level ground (and preferably a concrete base) is recommended.  A choice of blinds, floor coverings and other internal fittings, including custom desk designs, are available.

Of course, part of the appeal of offices of this size is their ability to comply with most planning restrictions – as well as their suitability for small urban gardens.

Henley Garden Offices offer the following advice regarding planning permission:

  • You shouldn’t need planning permission for a single-storey timber sectional building with floor space of less than 30 square metres or an internal volume of less than 10 cubic metres, so long as the external footprint of the building is less than 50% of your garden space.
  • Flat roofs have to be under three metres high, and the pinnacle of a pitched roof under four metres.
  • The eaves of the building should not overhang beyond your property.
  • The building should not be located between the main house and the highway, but you may be given permission by your local planning authority to do so.
  • If you want to install plumbing or sleeping accommodation in the building, you will not only need planning permission but to comply with building control regulations.
  • If you live in a designated area there may be special byelaw’s that apply.  You should always check before finalising your order.
  • If you live in a listed property and the building is deemed to be within its curtilage, you may need planning permission.
  • Wherever you live, it makes sense to be considerate to neighbours and sensitive to your location.  This could include the choice of your building’s colour as well as the style of building you select.
  • Henley frequently liaises with the planning authority on behalf of customers, especially if they live in designated areas.

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This is good, sound advice from Henley, there are areas of the country where you have to apply for planning permission for any outbuilding, for instance if you live in a Listed Building, an Area of Outstanding Beauty, a Site of Scientific Interest or a National Park. Applying for planning permission is not as daunting a task as it sounds, your supplier will help or handle the process for you, Henley Garden Offices report that they have never had an application refused!

For more information on the Henley Mini or the rest of their extensive range, visit their website.

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