Planning permission for a granny annexe

Many visitors to this site are looking for information about building a granny annexe / micro home in their garden. One of the main questions we are asked is about the Planning Permission position when building a granny annexe. We are therefore pleased to ba able to point buyers to an article on The Real Wood Company website which clearly answers these questions. The The Real Wood Company team have worked closely with their Planning Consultants to create this detailed article.

The articles answers a number of common questions such as:

  • Can you get permitted development if you put a shower room or for both shower room and kitchenette in? 
  • Is it true that as long as there is a dependence on main residence (i.e. you have to go to the main house to prepare meals) then this falls under permitted development, even if you sleep there?
  • Is it easier to get a garden annexe planning or a garage extension?
  • What’s involved in the process that you use for getting planning for a garden annexe?

There are several other common questions answered in the article, click here to view them all.

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The The Real Wood Company offer a number of different garden annexes, from one bedroom designs through to spacious three bedroom designs. Annexes have a kitchenette and bathroom facilities making them self-contained living spaces.

A one bedroom annexe with wooden interior starts at £24,500 + VAT a plastered and decorated finish would cost more. This price excludes the base and running the services to the site, although The Real Wood Company can quote you for this work. A free site survey would be conducted to assess the site before quoting. The The Real Wood Company can also quote you for handling the Planning Permission application.

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Lead time is a short six weeks from order. During the manufacturing stage, the services would be run to the site and the foundation prepared. Once the kit of parts has been delivered to site, build time is very quick. A one bedroom annexe would typically take two weeks to complete while larger annexes would take up to four weeks. Of course, timescales are weather dependant!

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Adaptations for disabled access can easily be designed in. You also can customise your design such as choosing a low maintenance external thermal insulation which comes with a 10-year guarantee. As standard, each annexe comes with a 10-year structural warranty.

For more information about the granny annexes / micro homes by the The Real Wood Company. Be sure to check out their Planning Permission article early on in your garden annexe research.

You can speak to the The Real Wood Company team on 01279 755 155

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