Perhaps the greatest ever Father’s Day gift…

Make it Father’s Day every day of the year by giving your father the greatest gift ever – a room of his own! There’s no greater joy than that of being a father, but there are just times when you want sometime to yourself, and a room at the bottom of the garden could be what every father craves!

We’re not talking about dusty old sheds here, but contemporary, light and airy spaces in which the modern father can spend his time. A garden room has so many possible uses your father will be spoiled for choice, will he use it to…

…gat fit?

Garden rooms make fabulous home gyms; you can equip it with all your favourite exercise equipment and escape there whenever you need without the cost of monthly membership.

…play music?

Does your dad like to strum on the guitar or play rock loudly, well why not give him his own room, he won’t bother the neighbours as many garden room suppliers offer acoustic insulations packs to make the garden room soundproof!

…play games?

Why not create a big boys games room with pool table, dart board and Xbox, you could even install a bar for boy’s night.

…watch films?

A garden room lends itself to being a home cinema, large screen, comfy chairs; all you need to add is the popcorn!

…to work?

Perhaps the most common use of a garden room is as a home office, ideally situated away from the distractions of the main house.

Whatever your father might use a garden room for, every father should have one, and because they are fully insulated and electrically wired he will know he can escape to it whenever he likes.

The gift of space – the greatest father’s day gift – ever!

Take a look around this site and the supplier’s directory for inspiration.

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