Mix and match cladding

Your choice of cladding for your garden room is one of the big design decisions. You not only have to think about its durability in protecting the core structure, but also its aesthetics.

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Multi use room in the garden

London Garden Rooms recently completed this contemporary garden room for a growing family who wanted a space that would serve several purposes.

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Bespoke cladding helps garden room blend in

When working with a bespoke garden room designer you have the opportunity to tailor each aspect of the design. This came into its own recently for a SIPS Garden Rooms customer who wanted their new building to blend in to its surroundings.

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Building in the urban garden

Building a garden room in an urban garden can present several challenges such as transporting all the materials through the house, but this isn’t a problem for suppliers like Office in My Garden

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Granny Annexe by SIPS Garden Rooms

More and more readers of this guide are looking for information on granny annexes. This recent build by SIPS Garden Rooms is a fine example of a granny annexe in the garden.

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Executive Beauty Studio

More and more business owners are realising the benefits of buying a garden room for use as business premises. A recent Executive Garden Rooms customer has done just this and commissioned a building for use as a beauty studio.

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Garden Rooms & Lodges

We’d like to introduce you to the work of Garden Rooms & Lodges who have recently entered the garden room market. A team of carpenters and joiners have brought their experience to the garden room market.

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Swift Garden Room Designs For 2015

Swift Garden Rooms are a bespoke garden room design company. Meaning every garden room they design is unique to the customer. They have however been playing with some design concepts for 2015.

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The form of the architect designed MorphPOD is unique within the garden room industry. The building has been designed so it could ‘morph’ from one use to another with ease.

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