Atelier Garden Studios

Modular garden room building systems have become so sophisticated over the last few years that unique garden rooms can be constructed by mixing and matching standard sections of building.

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JML Garden Rooms

We have often said that garden room design and construction owes its origin to modern housebuilding, and this is particularly true with the designs offered by JML Garden Rooms.

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Flexible designs from The Garden Office

The modular makeup of The Garden Office’s range of buildings leads to great flexibility is the final configuration of the building, and by mixing an matching sections of wall and glazing you can create a unique building

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Latest Garden Fortress

We like the attention to detail in matching the lines of the cladding with the lines in the deck and roof canopy on this garden room

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Show building deal

Elite Garden Rooms are offering one customer a significant discount on a garden room, in return for access to show other potential customers around it.

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The writing is on the wall

A few months ago we wrote about a Manchester based business which had brought a garden room from Green Retreats that they were going to use as a coffee shop. We thought this was a great idea, so we backed the project on Kickstarter and our reward was to have our name written on the […]

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Headroom in a 2.5m high garden room

Garden rooms with an overall height of less than 2.5m are very popular because they are Planning Permission friendly. One of the most common questions we are asked is how much headroom there is in such buildings.

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A selection of Green Retreats

Last week we showcased the recent builds from Green Retreats Inspiration range, today we are looking at the latest builds in their Edge, Expression and Pinnacle ranges.

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A garden studio 2 years on

We feature lots of pictures of brand new garden rooms, but what do they look like as they age?

Sanctum Garden Studios have sent through details of this garden studio they installed in Preston 2 years ago.

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