Off-the-shelf or Bespoke?

Guest Post by Swift Garden Rooms

Swift have always made it very clear that their company values are centred around their desire to delight their clients with truly inspired environments.  This is a time-consuming and dedicated approach that is perfect for people who either want, or sometimes need a building project that may not be perfectly met by a “standard” design.

Does this mean that every building is dramatically different?  Not necessarily. It is Swift’s ability and flexibility to willingly adapt even the smallest of detail to suit the specific needs of their clients.  Furthermore, the professional experience that the Swift team have gathered over their years through designing and constructing such a variety of private and commercial projects puts them in an authoritative position to deal successfully with most requests.

Let’s look at a couple of diverse examples to illustrate the “bespoke approach”:

Clients who live in a house whose living accommodation is on the first floor, and overlooking a golf course, urgently wished for a combined gym and office that could fit into a limited corner of their garden and be built within permitted development rights. What were the features that were proposed and chosen that made the final design work so successfully?

  • Two additional windows to promote through flow of fresh air
  • Extra wide sliding doors to capture natural light
  • Private office space with full communications
  • 100mm gap between the new studio and boundary fences
  • Re-built decking to match existing garden landscaping
  • Artificial grass roof to prevent exceeding height limitations whilst still looking great from above

Whilst each individual element may seem quite minor, the whole scheme made the very best use of the space that was available and has produced an excellent and much used room.  Many hours of discussion and designing lay behind the success with “listening” being the most important attribute that Swift demonstrated.   The combination of each feature and decision created a building that works so well and is proving to be an excellent investment.

On a totally different scale is a project that has seen Swift successfully reach the regional finals of the “Excellence in Building” awards.  This prestigious status is bestowed by Local Authority Building Control Inspectors … quite an accolade.  The project was the construction of a 300 square meter, 2 storey nursery school for an established private company.  The attention to detail in all elements of the execution of this project has resulted in a building that is beautifully finished and strikingly attractive as well as eminently successful in its performance. Literally hundreds of emails, discussions and meetings, plus a flexible approach saw the completion of this major project within 10 working weeks.  Bespoke staircases, glass screens, heating systems, kitchen and refreshment stations were all successfully dealt with.

Does “Bespoke” equate to higher prices?  Perhaps a fairer question would be; “does “Bespoke” equate to better value?”  Undoubtedly a list of special features can easily increase the budget, but it is important to remember that a design that closely matches your wishes may actually cut out wasted resources and expense.  The key is whether you want a building that exactly matches your dreams, or one that is the closest fit.

Swift openly enjoy building relationships with their clients before building structures! This is exactly the same for clients spending less than £20,000 or those spending over £200,000. Swifts definition of “Bespoke” is a willingness to listen and the ability to react with creative, exciting and efficient outcomes.  Maybe this approach would suit you best?

For more information visit the Swift website.

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