No Entry — Securing Your Garden Room and Spaces

Guest Post

Many of you are thinking of a garden room, a structure specifically to be used as an annexe, office space or additional storage solution. With the amount of expense that has gone into building or converting you’ll want to protect this investment, not to mention the contents inside of it.

Light up

Intruders and people up to no good generally to operate under the cover of night, so you want to keep darkness at bay for as long as possible in your garden area. Garden lights are an effective deterrent and are also inexpensive. Solar security LED floodlights can easily be fixed to a structure and provide a powerful white beam; the solar panel will charge-up throughout the day using daylight. Solar lights can be set to the owner’s preference, including a motion sensor feature and length of time the light will stay on once motion has been detected. This type of lighting can even charge during poor weather conditions; many are specially designed for the darker British winters.

Lock up

Your garden room will probably already have some form of lock but additional locks are always a good security precaution. One of the major problems with padlocks is that the bigger they are the more they draw attention to the fact that there’s something inside worth stealing. A security alarm padlock is small and comes with the bonus of a repeating 110DB alarm. There are several of these inexpensive alarmed padlocks on the market with features such as vibration detection that will set off the alarm if the lock is moved or touched.

Shut down

It may seem like simple common sense but if a thief can’t see the valuables inside your garden shed or office they’ll be less likely to break in. Blinds or curtains are another way to ward off thieves and are especially useful for garden structures with a lot of window space. Metal grilles or slimline bars attached to windows are an easy to implement security measure and will usually be enough of a deterrent to thieves. Don’t forget to add blinds or grilles to skylights if these are part of your garden room design.

None of these security measures will put you heavily out of pocket. Not only that, you don’t have to be a DIY whizz to install them or carry them out. Spend a little on security now and it won’t cost you in the long term.


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