New Ranged added at Croatian Cabin

Due to feedback from customers Croatian Cabin have added a new size range to their Oazis range of modular garden studios. The new model is 3.75 x 3 m and includes full height double glazed double entry doors, two tilt and turn windows (full height 650 x 2100  or 1200 x 1400) and a small back window for ventilation and thru light is available for January delivery from around £5000 + VAT.

The picture above shows the different studio configurations that can be created using Croatian Cabins modular system – any combination of doors, windows and solid wooden panels can be used to create your perfect garden studio.

The walls of the standard Oazis garden studio are built from 65mm laminated spruce, laminated wood is made up of several layers of timber glued in opposite directions to form a very strong product – stronger than wood itself, the wood is then machined to create an interlocking profile, because of this interlocking the joints of the boards are very strong. Because Croatian Cabin use this system of laminated wood the framework of their garden studios is very strong without the need for additional framework, it also means that the garden studios can have narrower walls than other garden studio designs – meaning more floor space in the garden studio!

Example of the laminated wall system used by Croatian Cabin

Whilst these 65mm thick walls offer good thermal insulation you should consider the insulation pack that Croatian Cabin offer, the pack contains 50mm of insulation in the floor and 150mm of Rockwool or its equivalent in the roof, the walls have a second skin with Kingspan or equivalent insulation in the cavity  and 15mm shadow board lining gives an equivalent U value of 0.48 which is not bad the target U-value for a new build house is 0.30.

Croatian Cabin are taking orders for delivery in January 2011 so visit now, and order yours!


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