New guide to help with self building a garden room

If you explore this site you will find details of garden room suppliers who are ready and waiting to help you create ‘your perfect’ garden room. We are however aware that there are readers of this site who are looking to glean information about how garden rooms are built, as they fancy designing and building a garden room themselves.

PrintTo help this section of the market, a couple of years ago we wrote an eBook looking at different aspects of  self building a garden room. Its proved to be a useful resource for many garden room self builders.

We have just launched the Third Edition of The Self Build Garden Room Guide. With this new version we have updated and added to the information about building systems and materials professional garden room designers use. You can then take this insight and apply it to your own project.

This book does not contain a set of plans – after all every self builder has their own unique design in mind. It does however contain information about different garden room kits, and looks at the many different building systems used in the industry – from light-weight frameworks through to the same systems used in modern housebuilding.

If you are thinking of self building a garden room, this is the book you need. We can safely say its the most comprehensive guide to self building a garden room.

Learn more here.

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