New Garden Office Designs by Studioni

Studioni produce both modular suites and unique bespoke designs.  The first of these to complete is our skyhook design, in July 2011, where careful engineering really opened up the space into the garden.

This project came with an urgency – a tight deadline for the family moving into their new home.  The client had a base already in place and a design in mind.  ?Our designer and engineer worked closely to craft this cutting edge advantage of open space.  Removing the central bar which gave support to the L-shaped room was a brand new feature and proved to win Studioni the contract.

Carefully engineered, the result is quite stunning.  An easy space to inhabit and enjoy the long summer days with friends.  Or hide away amidst the winter ice, in cosy recluse from the house. The wide landscape window frames a gorgeous garden to the back of the building but allows a certain privacy inside.

Studioni’s current design is a cabin, created to sit sympathetically in their client’s land and take best advantage of glorious views.  Two designs were promoted: one with a bedshelf and one without.  As Studioni worked through this design it became clear just how marketable it could be. Suiting many different environments with flexibility on the slatted walls, sunscreens, deck canopy and glazing.  Maybe this style could suit your home and garden – pictures below.

For more information about Studioni’s exciting new designs visit their website


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