Need a shed but want a garden room?

The need for a storage shed but the desire for a garden room for use as a home office, home gym or granny annex is a common problem, but it’s a misconception that the need for one must stop you having the other!

Many bespoke garden room designers can design you a building that provides a safe and secure storage room and a fully insulated garden room all under one roof.

Gardens with lots of different buildings, built in different styles and in different materials can look disjointed, and several separate buildings can take up a lot of space. Garden rooms with integral stores on the other hand look sleek and maximise the available space.

Multifunction garden rooms are becoming very popular, particularly in small urban gardens where space is at a premium. Garden room designers are very clever at designing such buildings, featuring all the aspects popular in modern garden room design like full length glazing and bifold doors whilst discreetly incorporating the access to the storage area so that attention is not drawn to it, in fact many people wouldn’t be aware that a storage room was there at all!

If you think about it we store some expensive items in our garden sheds – bikes, lawn mowers, power tools etc, and yet generally the garden shed is a flimsy structure that can easily be broken into! Garden rooms with integrated ‘shed’ areas are built to a much higher specification, discrete in their appearance and so less likely to attack.

Some suppliers build the whole envelope of the structure (garden room + shed) to the same specification i.e. the walls are fully insulated, whilst other companies build the shed storage area with the same sturdy timber framework but omit the insulation in the shed /storage area.

The shape of your plot will dictate the shape of the garden room with shed, long narrow gardens would be more suited to having the shed storage room at the back of the building, whilst wider, shorter gardens could have the store to the side of the main garden room.

Over the coming days we will feature some garden rooms with integral storerooms by various suppliers, this will give you a feel for the different looks that can be achieved.

So, with a garden room with integral store you can have the best of both worlds – under one roof!


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