Narrow garden room

We have said many times on this site that there is a garden room design for every garden. Garden room designers are very clever at adapting their designs to the space available in the customers garden. This was the case with a recent GRL – Garden Room Living build in Lewisham.

GRL’s client first met them at Grand Designs Live, she wanted to create a craft room in her garden but needed to find a design that could be transported through the house as there was no direct access to the garden. The spot in the garden that the customer had in mind for her building was rather narrow by garden room standards at just 1.8m / 6ft wide.

Narrow Garden Room Design

Following initial talks with the GRL design team a 1.8m x 3.2m garden room was decided upon. From our experience, 1.8m is the smallest depth of room that is going to be functional. By making the building nearly double as long as it is wide is a clever move and with clever positioning of furniture & storage the room should function well.The customer has chosen to incorporate a lot of full height glazing into the design, this is a clever move and will give the feeling of more space and a real connection with the garden.

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The customer said she was very impressed with the flexibility of the building system that GRL use, allowing everything to be transported through the house and the size of the room that has been created.

This is a good example of a narrow garden room design.

To learn more talk to the GRL – Garden Room Living team on 07949 406 525 or visit their website.


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