Multi Room Garden Rooms

Is one room enough for your needs? Well garden room design lends itself to multi room layouts, whether that be for a garden office with separate store or a large self contained garden apartment.

A garden room often takes up the space in the garden where a shed might otherwise go, so more and more people are buying garden rooms with integrated store – killing two birds with one stone!

Two roomed garden rooms like this, with potentially two very different uses can be designed to work independently of each other with separate entrances or together with internal communicating doors.

Multi Room Garden room

You can also specify different specifications for each room, its not uncommon to want a fully insulated garden office with plastered interior, hardwood flooring etc., and then a separate store/shed where this level of specification would be a waste – the beauty of this type of building is from the outside you would have no idea that the two rooms have differing specifications!

We’re not aware of any standard design garden office / shed combos, but several of the modular designs on the market can be used to create them and most bespoke designers will have at least one under their belt. We have put together a list of suppliers who design this style of building here.

At the other end of the spectrum there is a growing trend for multi room living apartments.

Whether its just one room with separate shower room or larger units with several bedrooms, living space and a kitchen. We see a huge growth in this area of the garden room market, with such buildings being used as guest accommodation, holiday apartments, granny annexes or self contained apartments for children struggling to get on the housing ladder.

Multi Room Garden Room 3

Like most garden rooms these buildings are built like timber frame houses and are high spec units suitable for year round use. Any building that contains sleeping, accommodation, even if only occasionally needs to comply with Building Regulations, but experienced suppliers will be fully au fait with the process and handle this side of things for you.

Price wise, multi room garden buildings are very good value, one bedroom granny annexes start at around £35,000, this is around a third of the price of a one bedroom flat and you could spend this figure in just over a year if your relative was in care. Couple this with quick build times, which mean a building can be used in just a few weeks, its a very appealing option.

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